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Thread: [ws2811 led strip] where to attach DI/GND/+5V to the strip?

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    [ws2811 led strip] where to attach DI/GND/+5V to the strip?

    I am using Teensy 3.2 with a WS2811 led strip (RGB led addressable), using the awesome OctoWS2811 library.
    I am just wondering about what happened to me recently: I soldered the DI/GND/5Volt signals to the strip in the middle, and it did not work at all (not a single led switched on). I did that since I did not want to cut the strip yet.
    Then i cut the strip just behind I soldered, and magically it started working.

    Question: is it really so that the strip must be connected at one end? And not in the middle? (and it must be the proper end, according to the direction of the IC on the strip).

    Thanks a lot,

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    You can connect 5V and GND anywhere you like, in fact the middle is best because it yields lowest resistance in the power lines to all LEDs. The Data Input needs to be connected to the end of the strip. If you connect it in the middle, the Teensy and the LED that comes immediately before the connection will both try to drive the next LED, you'll have two outputs driving the same node at the same time. If these two outputs don't agree, they'll create a short.
    And yes, it must be the proper end to connect the signal to, because the data must flow from one output to the next LED's input.

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    Thanks a lot for the detailed answer!

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