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Thread: Teensy pin out trimmed down

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    Teensy pin out trimmed down

    I am working on making a hula hoop. Previously I have trimmed down the edges of the teensy 3.2 by cutting the pins off from pin 13 and up and just using the pins on the opposite side. It has worked for me in the past and this time around with the board I purchased a couple weeks ago, it is not working.

    Is there some connection between the pins to the main ground or voltage? It will not load the blink sketch now and Ive tried using alternative power to voltage and ground in addition to the usb. I haven't modified it other than cutting off the pins on the 13-25, gnd etc so it would fit in the tubing.

    Maybe the cutting process caused a static charge that blew something? Teensy have always been recoverable for me most of the time so im wondering what I can do to fix it.


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    In case you have not already seen this, there is another developer of a really small Teensy derivative whose project began with trying to do a similar cut of Teensy:

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    Yes I saw that.

    Anyway, the question here is can I get this board working again? I trimmed down the pins on one side and thought it would not cause issues for the processor. it has worked before but I must have trimmed too much and cut into a essential wire that powers it. I looked at the traces and Im trying to figure out if I can add a jumper somewhere to get it to work.

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