Hi there,

I found a FFT library from Jeff Hamm https://github.com/jeff-hamm/LCAnalyzeFFT based on of ADC library from Pedro Villanueva's.

I try to use it to read two low frequency signals (up to 1 khz) on INPUTS A0 and A1 on my teensyLC.

the library works with a Intervall timer0 and a timer0_Callback function. the Callback Funktion starts the ADC0 on a certain pin.

To use the ADC0 on two PINS A0 and A1 i tried out a lot.
The only thing I want, is to read A0, store value in buffer and immediately read A1 and store the value in another buffer with the help of this library.

Do someone have an example how to realize something like that?
(every example on pjrc page is marked with a TODO marker )