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Thread: Clock source for Audio board

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    Clock source for Audio board

    I am working on a project to interface the Teensy audio adaptor board ( SGTL5000) to a different microcontroller. In this case, it is a STM32f429I-DISCO. I am using my mcu to generate the
    master clock signal (MCLK). The output of the PWM from my MCU looks not that great (16 mhz).
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    Will the SGTL5000 accept such a noisy input clock source, or does it need some sort of conditioning to get a better square wave?

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    That should probably work.

    Perhaps the signal is actually better, but you're getting ringing due to the ground lead on your scope's probe?

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    OK. THanks for the suggestion. I'm going to roll the dice and move on, and see if I can get the board to work.

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    You might be interested in what I wrote here: in posts #5 and #17

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