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Thread: audio shield power supply

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    audio shield power supply


    Simple question: I have a Teensy 3.2 and would like to supply my audio shield with it. The teensy is power with usb. I understood that the teensy 3.2 already has a 3v regulator but nothing happens when I check the 3.3v pin of it... How can I supply my audio shield with my teensy 3.2?


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    The Teensy 3.2 has a voltage regulator that supplies 3.3V from the 5V it gets from USB. This is used to power the audio adaptor as well as the IC on the Teensy itself. Does the Teensy run the simple blink example? If yes, you should be able to measure very close to 3.3V at the 3.3V pin. The pinout diagram on the card that was provided with your teensy helps you locating that pin. If the blink example runs, but you can't measure the 3.3V at that pin, i'm afraid you seem to be measuring wrong. If the 3.3V are present, these can be used to power the audio adapor board by simply alingning the teensy and the adaptor and connecting all solder pads that overlap, like here:

    (note thsi shows two audio adaptors stacked, but the principle is the same with only one adaptor. Just stack them on top of each other, all signal and power supply pins will automagically align.

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    If you have assembled it as a stack

    you should have a pin connecting Teensy 3.2 3.3V pin to the Audio board 3.3V pin. If you haven't (is it backwards?) then you need to investigate and fine out why.

    If you have them in some other configuration then you need to get power and ground connected to the pins labelled in the link

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