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Thread: Teensy 3.6 UDP broadcast

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    Teensy 3.6 UDP broadcast

    I have been attempting a UDP broadcast using the Teensy Ethernet library (Teensy 3.6 with Wiz8820io). I want to broadcast a UDP packet to a local subnet by using an IP address such as, the core of my code looks something like this..

    IPAddress broadcastIp(192,168,0,255);

    EthernetUDP UDP;

    void setup()
    char tmp[30];

    strcpy(tmp,"Hello from");


    If I use the broadcastIp address as the target gets the packet across the network, if however I use 192.168.0..255 there is nothing received. In fact using Wireshark I can see that the Teensy never transmits a UDP packet whenever the broadcast address is used (It transmits the fully qualified IP address packet fine). Is this a library issue and does someone have fix or am I missing something very fundamental

    Regards, Roger d

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    Shouldn't you be calling beginMulticast instead of begin?

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    Thanks Ryan but it turns out I was the culprit. I was recovering my subnet mask from Eeprom and it was incorrect, fixed it and tidied up my libraries, it work as expected now. A bit older and wiser now.
    Regards. Roger d

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