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Thread: Teensy 1.30 uses discrete GPU in OSX Sierra

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    Teensy 1.30 uses discrete GPU in OSX Sierra

    Bug: eats power.

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    Can you provide some more detailed information about this?

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    Teensyloader activates the nvidia GPU rather than leaves the intel GPU on.

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    There's certainly no code in Teensy Loader which does this intentionally. Perhaps it's some sort of side effect?

    Teensy Loader is built using the wxWidgets toolkit. It doesn't do anything fancy, like 3D rendering. It only uses the most basic 2D GUI stuff like displaying images, menus, dialog boxes, etc.

    I have no idea why it might activate the GPU. There's nothing in the code which would even use GPU features. Unfortunately, that also means I have no ideas for a solution or workaround. In fact, I don't even have a Mac running Sierra yet...

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