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Thread: T_3.6 acting oddly: Program Button doing a reset, no bootloader reprogram

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    Quote Originally Posted by bicycleguy View Post
    Thought I should chime in

    Does your T_3.6 board have "a very slight curvature "?

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    I was struggling with something very similar... I found that there was a very very slight warping to my board, and by applying pressure to the edges, I was able to straighten it completely, and when the board is straightened it programs perfectly every time. Might be worth a try?

    Didn't see #26 on the next page... but that is the thread where we figured out what happened with mine.
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    This video clip pretty much shows the issue. Note the program rebooting in the terminal window or the Teesny loading.
    Just pressing the switch or pressing on the processor chip away from the switch reboots, while toward the switch loads. After the video, determined the pencils weren't necessary, but made slightly less pressure required. The most sensitive location on the chip to push was in the
    corner toward the switch and camera.

    This looks like a bad solder joint to me. With ball grid arrays, one intermittent connection means others are likely.
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    Virtually the exact same behavior I was dealing with... Pressure on the chip solved the issue.

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    @Paul: Looks like the widely known xbox "ring of death" problem ...

    Perhaps something on the bga-soldering process can be optimized.
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