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Thread: Teensy 3.6 USB Host support

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    Maybe there's something unusual about your mouse?

    Quote Originally Posted by dun46 View Post
    the Mouse is from the brand Belkin
    Can you tell us a specific model number? Or show a photo with any identifying markings?

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    The debug output does not show VID/PID so the mouse never even enumerates. Make sure the mouse works on a computer. Or try a powered USB hub.

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    Hi all,
    As I said previously, the 3.6 USB host port is running fine with Buydisplay touchscreen. 10.1"
    Using a Techtoy HDMI board and the Techtoy shield adaptor for 3.6.

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    Hi all.
    I have to ask everyone's excuses because my problem is wire connections.
    Everything works correctly, hub, keyboard and mouse.
    I thank you for the collaboration received and I hope it does not happen again.
    Thank you very much to all.

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