I can launch the Audio Designer GUI using index.html (located in Arduin0/libraries/audio/gui) in FIREFOX browser and import code from an Arduino sketch OK. When I try to do the same thing using the EDGE browser in Windows 10, I can import the code, and the block diagram comes up on the screen. However, when I try to move it into place, and then click to place it, the block diagram just keeps moving around and mouse clicks do nothing. All you can do is close the EDGE browser at this point.
However, if I load the Audio GUI directly from PJRC website, then I can import OK using the EDGE browser. Seems as if the EDGE browser does not want to make changes to the local index.html file in gui folder, which would happen once you had placed the imported block diagram on the page.
Its not an issue as long as you use the "online" version of the GUI, but it might be confusing to users.