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Thread: Code hangs when I try to access I2S registers

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    Code hangs when I try to access I2S registers

    I am developing a board that interfaces the Teensy 3.2 with the WM8782A dual-channel ADC via I2S interface. I was able to find plenty of example code online, but when I try to implement it myself, I am not even able to read or write to any of the I2S registers! Here is some simplified code I tried to run:

    void setup() {
    delay(5000); //gives me time to open Serial Monitor
    I2S0_TCSR = 0;

    void loop() {}

    The Arduino serial monitor will print "Begin" but not "1."

    If I can't perform simple read/write operations to SFR's, I'm stuck!

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    You have to enable the I2S-Device first:
        SIM_SCGC6 |= SIM_SCGC6_I2S;
    Maybe take a look at AudioOutputI2S::config_i2s in output_i2s.cpp

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    Wow, that's great, thanks!

    I originally had this line of code, but didn't include it until after I configured all of the I2S registers. I had no idea you had to do that first!

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    You really should look at the already-working I2S code in the audio library.

    This code took quite some time to develop. Do yourself a favor and leverage that prior work to save yourself quite a lot of time.

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