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Thread: Discussion about a simple way to change the sample-rate

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    Discussion about a simple way to change the sample-rate


    i guess, there is a - more or less - simple way to change the samplerate of the audiolibrary at runtime.
    For example, if you use the I2S-Output, i think, it would be sufficient to patch the "timing"-registers (multipliers/dividers) to archive 48KHz.
    - without any changes to the library code -

    Of course, this has several unwanted side-effects, and some things will NOT work.
    But which ?

    For example,
    - the sine-object will work, but with a wrong frequeny. The would be easy to "repair" (call frequency(freq*0.85))
    - mixers will work

    So, which parts will work, which not ? Where are problems ?

    Edit: My reason to ask:
    I re-activated an old project, my webradio, and some stations are using 48KHz. Therey are not usable, at the moment.
    A "hack" like this would allow to play them - without having to patch audio-library sourcecode.
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