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Thread: Discussion about a simple way to change the sample-rate

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    I just tried the code out in message #44 and received the following error message when. compiling.

    'clkArr' was not declared in this scope

    Any ideas?


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    Looking at the code its definition is based on the value of the F_PLL.

    What Teensy and clock speed is in use?

    Write a short sketch using the same compile params and speed and Serial.print( F_PLL ) and Serial.print( F_CPU )

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    Thanks for replying so quick!

    I'm using T3.5 running at 168MHz. I just changed it to 120MHz and it compiled OK!!

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    Hi Frank,
    I wanted to tryout your sample rate changing code for the Teensy 4, which I pulled from CorBee's Bat Detector repo on github. It seems that it's not perhaps compatible with the Teensy 4 as I2S0_MCR & I2S_MCR_DUF are showing up as undefined during compilation. On a more recent thread Paul mentioned that the 3.6 and 4 have different ways of using the MCLK as seen here. What changes should be needed for the Teensy 4? Any resources I should look into?

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    Good day,

    I encounter the same issue as mentioned in the last post. How can we adapt the code for the Teensy 4.1?

    Thank you,

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    Hi all

    This is my first post on this forum and it touches on a subject that I am having difficulty getting my head around. I know this thread is now somewhat ancient history but it turned up when I was searching for a way of resolving my particular problem

    Unlike some I am not interested in a high audio sample rate but in a relatively low one. The reason is that I want to play a simple WAV file that has been stored on the flash memory of an Adafruit Feather M4 Express. The 2MB of space available allows the storage of about 2 minutes an 8 bit mono audio with sample rate of 16000 Hz. I wish to play this over one of the internal DACs on the SAMD51.

    I have used an updated version of the SamdAudio library to get it working on Feather M0 Express ( ) but that will not compile for the M4.

    I have tried using the Adafruit fork of the Teensy Audio library and managed to get the example sketch WavFilePlayer.ino (with a tiny mod) to compile and load. Clearly, however, 2MB of on board flash is not going give any useful period of sound at stereo 44117 Hz. and I can get it playing about 11 seconds of music.

    I noted the section of code below but I am not sure if it is relevant to my problem or even how to implement it in the sketch.
    Quote Originally Posted by Frank B View Post
    Here's the same for the internal DACs :

    void setDACFreq(int freq) {
    const unsigned config = PDB_SC_TRGSEL(15) | PDB_SC_PDBEN | PDB_SC_CONT | PDB_SC_PDBIE | PDB_SC_DMAEN;
        PDB0_SC = 0;
        PDB0_IDLY = 1;
        PDB0_MOD = round((float)F_BUS / freq ) - 1;    
        PDB0_SC = config | PDB_SC_LDOK;
        PDB0_SC = config | PDB_SC_SWTRIG;
        PDB0_CH0C1 = 0x0101;    
    edit: Added one line
    I noticed the following section of code in AudioStream.h and wondered if it could be modified to give me the 16000 sample rate that I require.
    #if defined(__MK20DX128__) || defined(__MK20DX256__) || defined(__MK64FX512__) || defined(__MK66FX1M0__)
    #define AUDIO_SAMPLE_RATE_EXACT 44117.64706 // 48 MHz / 1088, or 96 MHz * 2 / 17 / 256
    #elif defined(__MKL26Z64__)
    #define AUDIO_SAMPLE_RATE_EXACT 22058.82353 // 48 MHz / 2176, or 96 MHz * 1 / 17 / 256
    #elif defined(__SAMD51__)
    //#define AUDIO_CLKRATE (SystemCoreClock >> 6)
    //#define AUDIO_SAMPLE_RATE_EXACT 22058.82353 // 120 MHz / 64 / 85 
    //#define AUDIO_TC_FREQ 22000
    #define AUDIO_SAMPLE_RATE_EXACT 44014.085 // 100 MHz / 16 / 142
    #define AUDIO_TC_FREQ 44100
    #endif // SAMD51
    It seems to me that if the following were defined with different values I may be able to get the 16000 Hz that I require:

    AUDIO_SAMPLE_RATE_EXACT 44014.085 // 100 MHz / 16 / 142
    AUDIO_TC_FREQ 44100

    Does anyone have any idea of how this may be made to function?

    perhaps defining
    AUDIO_SAMPLE_RATE_EXACT 16025.641 // 100 MHz / 16 / 390
    AUDIO_TC_FREQ 16000

    It seems too easy and I am not sure if that "390" has to be specified somewhere else or even if it can be used.

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    This forum is for Teensy. If you're using Adafruit's hardware (and their modified copies of Teensy's software), ask for support on Adafruit's forum.

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