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Thread: A tale of two Teensy's (Version 3.2)

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    I did try the button a number of times. It didn't seem to change anything. I was always able to upload the code without the button, no problem. I was hoping pushing the button would make it behave differently in terms of running the code (which I now understand to mean seeing the device on the serial port automatically). In my experience with <this> mac seems to keep the serial connection after upload...except when it doesn't. Honestly, I have found the latest IDE to be more finicky when it comes to a variety of things but I haven't been able to nail down a lot of rhyme or reason. One thing that 's annoying is the IDE seems to keep thinking that I am using it for the first time everytime I fire it up.

    Good to know more about how the serial stuff (sort of) works on Teensy/Arduino.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ceremona View Post
    Why is it that the code would upload fine to the teensy (checked the teensyduino logs) and yet the port isn't selected in the arduino ide?
    Uploading is done with HID protocol, not serial. The Port setting in Arduino is only used by Teensy for the serial monitor. It's ignored for uploading.

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