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Thread: Bat detector

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    Hi All
    I wanted to express my amazement and gratitude to everyone who made this project happen. Outstanding work on all fronts. Electronic, software and mechanical. I found this project a few weeks back while buying some Teensy parts for another project. Long made short, I got far enough along to program it and see if it was alive just a few minutes back and DANG! The thing fired up the first time. I am a couple of backordered pushbuttons and a knob or two from being truly finished, but it works!! I'm looking forward to reading the manual, playing with it on the bench, looking over the code as well as taking it out in the field, well, the streetlight in front of my house, and discovering whatever is out there.
    Steve Bennett

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    Hi Steve,

    I hope those buttons dont keep you waiting too long Have fun.


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