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Thread: Teensy for sending piezo sensors signal to MAX7 or Super Collider

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    Teensy for sending piezo sensors signal to MAX7 or Super Collider

    Dear Community!

    I am new in the arduino and teensy world. I will be glad to get some of your suggestions.

    For a final project to my Computer Engineering degree, I need to build a system that stream 3 x Piezo Sensors signals to a PC , in the PC i would like to get the signal to MAX7 or Super Collider to analyze the signal and produce some sounds from the signal.

    Currently I got from my teacher :
    - Teensy 2.0
    - 2 x Sparkfun PCM1803 Breakout units
    - OP-amp board with AD5206 and AD8694
    - 3 x Piezo Sensors

    Short explanation : The 3 Piezo sensors will be connected to the OP-amp board, the OP-amp has 3 configurable resistors that their role is to change the amplification (AD5206 Digital potentiometer), this because each of the piezo sensors have different volume (my PC software should change the amplifications of each of the Piezos depends the software decision).
    the output of the OP-amp board connected to the PCM1803A, then the signal is converted into digital output, 3 serial channels, connected to teensy ( not sure where to connect)

    I have a few questions.
    1. Did you ever see a similar project? recieving audio signal with teensy and pass it directly to MAX7 or Super collider?
    2. Can I use Teensy audio library on 2.0? and specially the Audio System Design Tool
    3. How to start the communication between the Teensy and the PCM1803? how to open that stream and transfer all the data from the PCM1803 to the PC? and how to receive it on PC?
    4. Is it better for me to buy a new teensy (2.0++ or above)?

    Thanks a lot for any information you will provide..
    Best wishes,
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