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Thread: 18 servo control on Teensy 3.2 with interrupts

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    18 servo control on Teensy 3.2 with interrupts

    hello all,

    i am an engineering student doing a project on a hexapod robot. i have 18 servos set up with 3 servos per leg.
    My supervisor is saying the best way to control all the servos is by setting up an interrupt routine to run all of them at once, and i dont understand how can i do that with teensy 3.2.

    The data so far i have is :-
    1. 20ms servo pulse
    2. servo pulse width goes from 500microseconds to 2400microseconds, i.e. 500 full left and 2400 full right.

    I would really be obliged if someone can put me in the right direction i.e. how to program an interrupt routine to run the servo in 20ms.

    P.S. Sorry for the noob question

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    My assumption is these are standard RC servos

    I would probably take a look at the Servo library as well as the PWMServo library.

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    Yes they are standard RC servos. What I wish to know is how would I proceed with the interrupt programming in teensy 3.2 because it has completely different vectors in avr.

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