I am switching over my development efforts from TEENSY 2.0 to TEENSY LP.

On TEENSY 2.0 I've been using Atmel Studio 6 IDE as my development platform. In using Atmel Studio 6 I've always had Assembler Code (.LSS) listing files generated. .LSS files can be opened in a text editor and they interleave the lines of C source code with the ASM instructions.

Now I am switching over to TEENSY LP and developing with Arduino/Teensyduino on Visual Micro.
Are there any settings in the gcc arm compiler that I can set to generate similar ASM listings?

If someone can provide the option settings for TEENSY LP that can be employed in the Arduino/Teensyduino IDE...then Tim Leek at Visual Micro said he will help guide me how to get the settings into the Visual Micro IDE.