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Thread: Is there a [more complete] language reference for the Teesy?

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    Is there a [more complete] language reference for the Teesy?

    I am SOOOO PLEASED to see the additional features and methods to read/write registers [in the Teensy-LC and 3.x. Maybe these have always been there in Arduino but I have not been able to find it.

    Another thing I have been disappointed with is the Reference section in Arduino. Their website is rather non-detailed. I have not been able to locate a good - detailed - like most other language / syntax guides - language reference.

    I'd pay for a good book if one is available.

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    A PJRC WiKi for Teensy is still coming - there is a collection of info on the PJRC website, though care is needed to differentiate from the AVR Teensy 2 family and the ARM Teensy 3 families - otherwise this forum is the best source of info already written or yet to be asked - and the open source code that provides details and examples of how it works - the source is properly commented with semi-colons, YMMV - I know mine does.

    There is a trail of interesting tidbits on this thread :: Wiki-Coming-Please-link-worthy-posts

    That linked post has a good summary of Arduino and the common language I only saw recently. The second link in that post summarizes the libraries - many if not all are supported by Teensy and improved or updated versions are properly placed when TeensyDuino is installed.

    Note: when trying to search the forum - if at first you fail ... give up and use BING or some other search engine - and perhaps include " teensy" in the search text and you can find stuff you can't find or once saw with a couple tries or less given the right keywords

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    Is there a Teensy WiKi as described above yet?

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    Here a link to the user wiki:

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