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Thread: Need for help

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    Need for help

    I'm new to hardware and also semi new to programming, so bare with me. I'm confused by all the different processors chosen by all these micro controllers.

    arduino uses atmega
    teensy uses atmega and now arm cortex (which from what I know is an actual cpu?)
    pi uses arm 11 (<-- but I assume the cpu is so beefy that it can also do video as well? I guess it has a large enough ramdac for frame buffer where as all these others don't?)
    then there is fpga's... I honestly have no clue what these are, but so far anytime major video is required they point you to a fpga.. why? what is special about a fpga?

    What makes pi different than the teensy 3? I know the teensy uses a boot loader off chip, but how does the pi work? Boot loader on chip, then checks sd card for os? I assume if the teensy 3 had enough ram, that it could be possible to build a bootloader to check sd for a os? Also, I know the pi uses gpio, and from what it looks like so does the teensy, but the argument I've always heard is gpio is slower than arduino's io compared to the pi? is this because access to the gpio ports are going through a nasty software layer? and how does the teensy deal with this? or is this just a false argument?

    most of this is confusing cause then you look at cell phones.. what do they use? currently I think most androids use arm cortex's but how do those cpu's differ from teensy's or pi's? are they really just the same with beefed up specs and setup like the pi?

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