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Thread: Sparkfun is carrying 3.5/3.6 with headers soldered in

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    Sparkfun is carrying 3.5/3.6 with headers soldered in

    I went over to Sparkfun to see what new shiny stuff they've released this week. I see that they now are selling the 3.5 and 3.6 with headers soldered onto the board (and in fact are nearly sold out of the 3.5/3.6's without headers). So if you are solder challenged and were ordering other stuff from Sparkfun, you can now have them do the soldering. has always offered an option for soldering in the pins, but its nice to see the option available at the larger distributors. In fact, the option to have the pins soldered on was one of the things that first drew me to the Teensy 3.0 kickstarter. Fortunately, I have progressed somewhat in my soldering skills, but it still takes me much longer than I've seen others do it. .

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    You probably write Arduino code 100x faster than me. Solder more stuff and you will get faster. Flux is your friend but clean it off after your done. Unfortunately my Spark Fun order arrives today so I can't add a Teensy. I bought a new soldering iron for the house.

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    It's possible to solder really, really fast. But then there's a lot of quality problems that take a lot more time to fix than just having done the work slowly and carefully in the first place.

    Same seem to be true for writing code...

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