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Thread: Is there an M-Bus / meter-Bus implementation for Teensy available

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    Is there an M-Bus / meter-Bus implementation for Teensy available

    Dear All,
    I am curious if there is an implementation for the M-Bus / meter-Bus / mbus protocol available running on Teensy 3.x.

    M-Bus ist a protocol for for the remote reading of gas or electricity meters.
    M-Bus is also usable for other types of consumption meters.
    The M-Bus interface is made for communication on two wires, making it very cost effective.

    There are implementations out for Raspi and older ones for Arduino, however I could not find any for Teensy 3.x.

    Thank's in advance for any pointers.

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    Odds are good the code for regular Arduino will work on Teensy, perhaps with minor changes like editing "Serial" to "Serial1".

    If you had posted a link to the code, I would have taken a quick look before writing this blind guess....

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    I've managed to run this code on Teensy.

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