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Thread: Need help reading nand chip with teensy

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    Need help reading nand chip with teensy

    Hi, i am having trouble finding information on this and I am new to flashing. I managed to brick my console on a rebug firmware with a bad update. My console is a CECHG03 with a sem-001 motherboard. I bought myself a teensy to help flash my nand chips and unbrick my console. I soldered the pcb board, teensy and 360 clip together plugged it in and tried to read both nands and i get a message saying only 8 bit nands are supported. Exiting. Done. Therefore unable to pull up data. Could this possibly be by not a solid connection with 360 clip will it need feet soldered on or trimmed down for a better connection or poor soldering also as this is a nand console not a nor the console doesn't need to be running? I know the e3 flashers for nor if you bricked your console you have to tristate it to ground to keep the ps3 on but I dont have to do this correct as the teensy is powered by the computer pulling to data from the chip. Finally is it okay to run the teensy on 5 volts I didn't put the 3.3 volt regulator in. Thank you any information on this is greatly appreciated.

    To give you an idea here is a video of someone making one.

    It is also my first time soldering... on the nandway tool when i tried to read the nand chip on the computer it said it only supports 8 bit. Exiting. So it must have connected? Has anyone else got this problem? Appreciate the help!
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    This forum isn't the right place to ask for help with console hacking. There are other places on the internet to find people who know about this sort of thing. Few, if any, of the people who use this forum regularly are likely to have this console-specific knowledge.

    We also focus on legal and ethical uses here. I understand there is a large gray area in computer security. I also know the sorts of activities which are legal to do with hardware you've legitimately purchased vary by country and are sometimes controversial or not well defined about what is legal or considered ethical. Just know that for this forum, you need to keep all conversation "white hat" with the understanding we're about only legal & ethical uses. If you stray from that path here, you can expect to have threads closed and eventually get banned.

    But no matter what you're up to, ethical or not, this forum about DIY electronics isn't a great place to find people with console specific knowledge. We're all about designing circuits and writing code to solve problems and build electronic projects. There may be some coincidental overlap with console knowledge, but this really isn't a console hacking or gaming-oriented forum. You should really look for such a place to ask these sorts of gaming console questions.

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