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Thread: OTA update alternative

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    Quote Originally Posted by defragster View Post
    IIRC Teensy mcu does full flash erase to program. Thus the external program chip. To program via code works iff running from ram.
    Would doing it the way I suggested be possible them? Since if you don't erase the sector/s with the First program in it (Lets call it the updater), then that should always run on initial power up?

    The 'updater' then jumps to the starting address for the main application (The one that can be re-written) immediately if it doesnt detect a SDcard (Or something similar).

    The current revision of the updater application copies the top half of the flash to the bottom half of the flash. So the main application (That also has the code for updating built in) would be overwritten. A bad flash would cripple the device and no longer be able to take in-code updating.

    By splitting them up, and ensuring the updater program is never over-written.. sort of arduino style. Theres 128 2kb sectors, so would be a matter of making the updater as small as possible to fit into 1 or 2 sectors.

    I am assuming this is all possible.. Iv not attempted to flash in a second app in later flash memory and jump to it from first app.. not sure if its as simple as that?

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    very interesting thread so far.
    Has there been any successful updates on the workarounds for ota for the teensy family?


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