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Thread: Audio Workshop FFT Sketch Issue

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    Audio Workshop FFT Sketch Issue

    I am using the Part_03_02_Fourier_Transform sketch to perform additional processing on the audio data. As you know, the sketch compiled takes up 97% of the program memory on the Teensy 3.2. Therefore I cannot add much additional code. So I added a second Teensy 3.2 to do the other processing by transferring the data on a serial port from the 1st Teensy to the 2nd. This works for the guitar run and the single tones, but will not play anything from the SD card. If I disconnect power from the 2nd Teensy the SD plays the songs as usual. I find it hard to understand why having the serial port transmitting audio data would make any difference in reading from the SD card. Is there a critical timing issue with the sketch doing the FFT and sending data out the serial2 port (Baud rate is set to 115200)? If so, then should I be thinking about using the Teensy 3.5 to get more memory/speed or stripping out the guitar run mode?

    Thanks much!

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    Check pins used - pin 10 is Serial2_TX - and also commonly used as primary CS for SPI to SD - but that would mean you have two wires on that pin?

    I played with that SKETCH and saw that - the guitar music seems purposefully just large enough to fit in flash - so when I tried adding more code I swapped out the sound sample.

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