After i dont get any answer to my post " Seek() within a wavefile ??? " I started today to think about it:

I know from this file play_sd_wav.cpp that there are some attributes for playing , stopping etc.

  • bool AudioPlaySdWav:lay(const char *filename) {}
  • void AudioPlaySdWav::stop(void) { }

i know from the Simple WAV file player example that i can acces to this Attributes :
  • playWav1.stop();

I know that the Teensy Audio Libray is using the Class SD.h .

I know that the SD.h has this here implemented:
  • Parameters
  • file: an instance of the File class (returned by
  • pos: the position to which to seek (unsigned long)

My question : Can i used this on the top or should i write a new attribute with in play_sd_wav.cpp using this