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Thread: And yet another Teensy 3.6 breakout board.

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    And yet another Teensy 3.6 breakout board, plus Arducam-Mini project.

    So in adhering to the rules of the road ... "General discussion and completed project postings. Show everyone what you've been working on" ....

    Not yet completed, but going well, so I decided what the heck, and to show off my new 2-week old pcb for T3.5 and T3.6 modules. I hadn't really planned to go into production to sell these things, but designed them mainly for my own projects, although I do have a few extras. You will notice a lot of 3-row headers since I mainly build robots, and also regular Arduino headers for plugging in Arduino shields.

    My first project is taking advantage of the T3.6 having so many SPI ports. I use SPI0 for an Arduino LCD direct plug-in shield, and SPI2 to interface an Arducam-Mini, and the dedicated port for an SD card. There is enough RAM at 256 KB that I can store at least 1 image at 320x240 RGB565 resolution [takes 153 KB]. Two hard weeks of coding, and it's working quite well. I have nice image captures, BMP and JPEG storage to SD card, and am working on some image-processing routines. The T3.6 computes convolutions much much faster than I can capture and transfer images from the Arducam. Very pleased.

    That's my story so far, :-).

    EDIT: one more comment, I'm able to capture and display up to 8 frames/sec on the LCD, which is really very nice. It appears to me that the T3.6 SPI port defaults to 8-MHz. I tried setting it to 12-MHz to speed things even further, but at that speed the Arducam doesn't seem to be able to keep up, and starts dropping data.

    Also, 2 images added showing color quality of the Arducam-Mini at 320x240 BMP and 1600x1200 JPEG. The cap atop the green bottle is actually a bright orange. The Arducam does jpeg compression onboard starting from 160x120 resolution.
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