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Thread: How to DIY Teensy LC Board.

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    How to DIY Teensy LC Board.

    How to DIY Teensy LC Board.

    Hi. nice to meet you.
    I did several projects on the Teensy board.
    I would like to make the Teensy board into PCB, but I raise my questions.

    1. How do I load a boot loader?
    > Is it the same as Arduino DIY?
    > Is there any manual?

    2. Do you have any precautions for DIY?

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    Bootloader support from PJRC is provided on a secondary processor sold on the PJRC website. That MCU ships only from PJRC with installed bootloader code used to provide the programming interface to the supported chips used in the Teensy LC and others. Schematics on the website provide the needed interconnections to make this work.

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    Dear defragster,

    Thanks. ^^

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