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Thread: Teensy 3.x multithreading library first release

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    Made the changes to threads.cpp and the sketch but now getting the following errors. Did you make any changes to threads.h? I did add void ctx_switch_timer_isr(void); to threads.h since you renamed the function. (just for ref I downloaded the intervalTimer lib from

    C:\Users\CyberPalin\Documents\Arduino\libraries\TeensyThreads-master\Threads.h:190:7: error: 'int Threads::thread_active' is protected
       int thread_active;
    C:\Users\CyberPalin\Documents\Arduino\libraries\TeensyThreads-master\Threads.cpp:102:15: error: within this context
       if (threads.thread_active == Threads::STARTED) { // switch only if active
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