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Thread: Teensy 3.x multithreading library first release

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    Dont know if this also helps, but the time slices of each thread can be changed which affects how long task switching stays in that thread, i had to adjust my time slices when i ran multiple uart displays in previous project to stop jittering

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    Fernando, thanks for making this. It certainly makes for better looking multitasking code. My simple test runs fine on teensy 4.0.

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    Any thoughts on setting a very large time slice to do cooperative multi-tasking with TeensyThreads?

    I needed yield-based cooperative multitasking that works on both Teensy 3 and Teensy 4, and so far this seems to work well. Thanks for the fine work!

    Maybe this could be turned into a feature, and avoid the 1000th-hour overflow-of-doom...

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