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Thread: 5V SPI With Teensy 3.5?

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    5V SPI With Teensy 3.5?

    Let's say I have a set of devices that talk over SPI and they use 5V SPI. The Teensy 3.5 says it is 5V tolerant on all digital pins. I am assuming this means that feeding 5V to MISO on the Teensy 3.5 would be OK. It appears that my datasheet for the connected devices says that 2V is enough to count as high for MOSI so the 3.3V logic at the Teensy side should be OK.

    Has anyone successfully interfaced with a 5V SPI device and the Teensy 3.5? Any tips or tricks for doing so?

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    yes it will work, i run 11 5v spi devices on teensy 3.5

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