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Thread: Did i just blow up my Teensy 3.6?

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    Did i just blow up my Teensy 3.6?

    Hey guys,

    i feel really stupid, but i think i may have accidentally connected one Teensy pin (pin 30) to +5V.
    Now my Teensy wont boot up and i can feel the voltage regulator getting hot.
    I am also measuring only 11 Ohms between vcc and gnd, which makes me believe there is pretty much a short circuit going on.

    Could it be that this pin is now internally short-circuiting? Or is this not a 'usual' way of being destroyed. Is there any way i could save this?
    When connected to a Macbooks USB port the macbook is NOT complaining about too much current draw on the USB port.

    Thanks for your help!

    Regards Patrick

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    Sorry to say that it sounds like your Teensy is toast. Your symptoms reminds me of a few years ago when I zapped an Arduino Uno with 12 volts by accident (when plugged in, it would just heat up and not do anything else).

    As far as saving it, you could always try holding down the reset button when plugging it in, or pressing and holding the button after it has been plugged into a computer, as described here:

    As for why your macbook is not complaining about about too much current draw: if you have an 11 Ohm short going on between Vcc and GND, you'll only be drawing 300mA or so. IIRC, macbooks can happily output something like 500-900 mA from the USB ports.

    Good luck with your Teensy, sorry I wasn't able to be of any more help.

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