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Thread: How to use T3.5 with RCT DS3231 using i2c_t3 library

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    How to use T3.5 with RCT DS3231 using i2c_t3 library

    Hi guys, I have a T3.5 and I want to use the second i2c (wire2 with the i2c_t3 library) to get the time from Adafruit DS3231. Using the example ds1307 from DS1307RTC library I get the time using the SCL0 and SDA0, but I will use this bus to connect a MPU9150 device.
    Do you know how to use this second bus?
    Thank you

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    if it doesnt support changing in the class, edit the CPP file and replace all instances of "Wire." with "Wire1." and "Wire.h" to "i2c_t3.h"

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    Here are example initialisation commands for three I2C buses on T3.5:
    #include <i2c_t3.h>
    void setup(){
    Wire.begin (I2C_MASTER,0x00,I2C_PINS_18_19,I2C_PULLUP_EXT,400000); // device 1 on SDA0/SCL0 
    Wire1.begin(I2C_MASTER,0x00,I2C_PINS_37_38,I2C_PULLUP_EXT,400000); // device 2 on SDA1/SCL1
    Wire2.begin (I2C_MASTER,0x00,I2C_PINS_3_4,I2C_PULLUP_EXT,400000); // device 3 on SDA2/SCL2
    But as tonton says, if the DS1307 library is not aware of Wire2 you'll have to edit it (in the Sketches/libraries folder) and just replace all "Wire." with "Wire2."

    Connect your device into pins 3 & 4 with a 2.2K pull-up resistor on each leg (unless DS3231 has them built in).

    For more info on i2c_t3 usage see the documentation for the i2c_t3 Library on GitHub
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