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Thread: Teensy 3.6 uses?

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    Teensy 3.6 uses?

    I'm a novice Arduino User that wants to build a robot.
    First, I chose the Teensy 3.6, because of its performance and 22 pwm ports.
    however, the price got me, but also, I wondered if I really needed all that horsepower.
    So I switched to the Teensy 3.2, but still, what the the uses for the Teensy 3.6?
    Are there projects that need all the ram of the 3.6? All the clock speed?
    Can someone suggest me stuff other than giant LED walls?

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    Advanced audio synthesis techniques involving delay-based effects or real-time granular processing would be one good example.

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    I posted this query back in September (when the kickstarter 3.6/3.5's started shipping), and various users chimed in on what they were hoping for in the 3.5/3.6:

    Personally, I tend to reach for the 3.2 over the 3.5/3.6, since I don't need the extra power as much, I prefer the smaller size, and 3 of the Teensy add-on shields (Adafruit teensy->feather adapter, and both PJRC prop shields) need a little adaptation because the location of the back-row pins changed.

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    Since I am doing all of my stuff for my own enjoyment, recently most of my playing around has been with the 3.5/6 (mostly 6). Why because it is the new nice Shiny board :lol:

    Things I like about them include:
    a) More easily accessible IO pins - You have a lot more IO pins that you don't need to use surface mount connectors to gain access.
    b) I like multiple SPI buses. Example with one of my boards, I have Lora Radio on different SPI than the ili9341 display. Likewise for I2C although I have fewer devices that use I2C.
    c) More Uarts - Sometimes you never have enough and with these you now have 6
    d) Has built in SD Card - will be using this soon to store sensor data from well...
    Edit e) Floating point - Will finally probably complete conversion of my Hexapod code to use floating point instead of fixed point math.

    However I will now probably get back to one of my other projects that uses T3.2 to emulate the Trossen Robotics Arbotix-Pro board as to hopefully help convince them to convert to Teensy for their next generation board instead of continuing with a different m0 processor that they have to do all of their own electronics and software for... The decision here to use the 3.2 instead of new boards has to do with size and cost. Also if they were able to do most everything with an M0, the T3.2 should be able to do it!
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    My last projects are all using more than 64KB RAM.
    My latest needs 230KB at the moment.. I hope that it does not increase much (it's far from beeing completed). Flash-Usage is 360KB and increasing..

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    More speed, more memory, more capabilities, etc. = MORE FUN!!

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