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Thread: Teensy Uploader Applet only works when visible

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    Teensy Uploader Applet only works when visible

    I have noticed for a while now, when I upload a sketch from arduino through the little teensy uploader applet, it has to be at least partially visible on the screen to complete the upload, otherwise arduino IDE gives an error that the teensy failed to respond.

    Would it be difficult to make this work regardless of the teensy uploader visibility on screen? Alternately, maybe the window could be set to "always on top" or have a menu option to set as such? I mainly bring it up because often the sketch window ends up on top and I hit upload, wait, and error unless I immediately hit command tab to flip to teensy or move my sketch window etc.. and while I have adjusted, it could be a bit confusing for a beginner.

    Out of curiosity, what is the reason this external uploader is required? Is it mainly for copy protection to secure the bootloader? or is there something about arduino IDE that doesn't allow a critical element of the upload process?

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    Which OS are you using?

    I know it works on the latest mac sierra when behind other windows. Should work on others too. Please tell me how to reproduce this problem?

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    As a current windows 10 works behind stuff, thought is this some new power saving feature that somebody has come up with? re other question my understanding is that the Teensy loader gets more control over the upload process and handling special case states of the board gets into than is possible with the 'fire and forget' Arduino compile/download process. If you want a look the command line version source is here:

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