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Thread: Alternate clock speeds in platformio for 3.2/3.5/3.6

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    Alternate clock speeds in platformio for 3.2/3.5/3.6

    I am moving much of my work to platformIO, also using the platformIO IDE in Atom. While it is easy to configure for default speeds, I see no options for the overclocked options that may show up in the teensyduino ide.

    Any suggestions?

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    Here is an example platformio.ini file configured to build for both 3.5 and 3.6 (normal clock speed)

    platform = teensy
    board = teensy35
    framework = arduino

    platform = teensy
    board = teensy36
    framework = arduino

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    You should be able to add a line in each section like:

    board_f_cpu = 120000000

    Does that not work for you?

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    This does work, thank you blackketter!

    I do find that, regardless of clock speed, in windows the platformIO upload to teensy3.5/3.6 is unreliable. It relies on manually pressing the button on the Teensy and fails to return the serial port to a usable state. Anyone have better luck in Windows. It works perfectly in Ubuntu.

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    With the IDE on Windows - using TeensyDuino - when I have to button press - SerMon not closing/re-opening is typical. One of the reasons I use TyCommander - not sure if you could make the needed changes and have that work for you as Serial Monitor and uploader? On Windows TyComm's 'integrate to arduino' has it apply edits to platform.txt. I've taken to using SublimeText as editor and with Stino addon it executes the Arduino IDE stack now and works - including picking up and using TyCommander for the upload handoff and SerMon duties. Stino also fully emulates the Tools~Boards menu including JSON pulldown for alternate supported boards. I just updated the Stino thread with the cool updates for the last week.

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    Thanks defragster. To be clear, Teensyduino and its teensy uploader works perfectly. Its a problem with PlatformIO in Windows. Its interested to see Stino being developed again, I abandoned it a year or so when it became unsupported.

    However, I use PlatformIO for more than my desktop dev environment. It powers a deploy process where I develop on my windows desktop and then deploy to GIT. An embedded Ubuntu system (Console only - Intel Turbot) tracks a git repository, updateing a Spring/Java application server and rebuild+deploys changes in companion C++ code directly to a connected teensy micro-controller.

    Open to any better ideas, though I have to say it all works pretty well outside of my windows issue.

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