Teensyduino 1.36 has been officially released.


There were only very minor changes since 1.36-beta4.

These are all the changes since Teensyduino 1.35:

  • Support for Arduino 1.8.2
  • Update ARM toolchain to gcc 5.4
  • Add more optimization choices (including LTO) to Tools > Optimize
  • Ethernet socketBeginMulticast (manitou)
  • Fix IntervalTimer on Teensy 3.5
  • Wire library supports Wire1, Wire2
  • Wire library timeouts for error conditions
  • Libraries updated: AccelStepper, ADC, Audio, FastLED, LedDisplay, RadioHead, ShiftPWM, Snooze, SPI, TouchScreen, Wire
  • Libraries added: USBHost_t36
  • Minor improvements to AVR emulation
  • Hardware serial write() compatibility fix
  • Fix pin config on Serial6
  • Add extreme joystick, disabled by default, edit usb_desc.h
  • Fix String test as boolean
  • Faster installation, especially on Mac
  • Optimize SPI.transfer(buffer, length) (KurtE)
  • Fix USB audio on Macs & improve PassThroughUSB example
  • Start USB sooner
  • Add volume() function to AudioInputUSB
  • Fix rare memcpy issue (Frank B)
  • Fix 9 bit mode on Serial1 & Serial2 on Teensy LC (gecko)
  • Fix to dtostrf for small numbers (LAtimes2)
  • Serial.begin() waits up to 1 second for serial monitor open
  • analogWriteFrequency minimum on Teensy LC
  • Fixes in ADC library (KurtE)
  • Fixes in RadioHead library (KurtE)