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Thread: MTP Responder Contribution

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    Hey everyone Thanks for all your help so far. This is exactly what I need for a project I'm doing.

    I'm running into a problem where I can readthe SD cardinfo but when running the mtp-test example I get
    error: SD.begin failed

    SdError: 0X1,0XFF
    I have done all the steps in the Readme, does anyone know where I may have messed up? Thanks!

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    You did not give us the information we need to help you.

    can you check if uSD is FAT32, or EXFAT?
    No Linux FS or NTFS is supported.
    where do you have your uSD Card?
    if build-in uSD (Teensy3.6) did you set USE_SDIO = 1 in config.h ?
    if you use other sdCard than AudioAdapter, did you adapt SPI (CS,MISO,MOSI,SCK) to your adapter?

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    WMXZ thanks for the reply,
    I was using the default mapped SPI configurations.. I wasn't aware that MK20DX256, MK64FX512 and IMXRT1062 were the chips on the different teensy boards. Your post helped me realize that. As soon as I updated them, it worked perfectly! Thank you

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    It's alive!

    The problem turned out to be embarrasingly simple - the cable I was using was too long (about 1m). Swapped to a 50cm cable and everything burst into life. I feel pretty stupid. Or perhaps I am pretty stupid.

    Anyway, thank you to WMXZ, KurtE and Defragster.

    Ubuntu 18.04 with Nautilus needs gvfs-backends (which includes libmtp). No other mtp software is required. Standard udev rules as available on teensy site.

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