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Thread: Teensy FX shield (audio shield for the Teensy 3.6)

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    FX shield (audio shield for the Teensy 3.6)

    hi all,
    i love the teensy and the audio library alot, but since i want a single solution for multiple use cases, i thought:
    "why not start designing a shield for the teensy 3.6 having all that is needed essentially?"

    and so i came with the idea of the teensy fx shield

    my requirements were not the least:
    at least 4 audio outs, 2 audio ins, midi in, dc in (up to 13v), teensy 3.6 'socket', 44.1khz 16 bit on all ins and outs, just under 4x2 inch dimensions and at least 10 GPIO pins available.

    i know there are some alternatives which are open source software, like the hoxton owl and axoloti, but they lack some things: not enough cpu power, not enough outputs, or too large dimensions for a compact device.

    so i dived in my cad designer and started to put the largest components in it.
    while doing the layout of parts, i remembered the teesny also has a dual DAC on board, just not 16bit. so i thought: okay, let's add an opamp and headphone jack output.

    sadly i am no pcb design expert, so i'll have that done by somebody else.

    i just want your opionions on this, and if this is actually do-able.

    i know the design will be very tight in space terms, but it 'should' fit in my opinion.
    here's the parts layout i came up with:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    also, is it OK if i name the project "Teensy FX shield"? or should i rename it to "FX shield for Teensy"? (as it isn't designed by PJRC so far)


    state now: i have contacted someone who can design pcb's, just waiting if he's willin g to help us out.
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