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Thread: Problems using Xcode with embedXcode

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    Problems using Xcode with embedXcode

    ReiVilo and I are trying to solve a rather strange problem with all the recent changes i.e.: Teensyduino 1.36, Xcode 8.3, Arduino 1.82, and embedXcode 7.3.3.
    It seems Xcode builds and downloads everything just fine, but the code will not execute. The Teensy does nothing, not even the Serial.output works in the setup code.
    This same code works just fine using Arduino. I wrote the program about two years ago and it has been working just fine up until April 3 when the system automatically installed a new version of Xcode and I also updated Teensyduino, Arduino, and embedXcode.

    ReiVilo suggests that the problem lies with the "Time" Lib, he says when using the code:
    The Teensy locks up and won't get any farther in the startup sequence.

    Any suggestions?


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    One more detail.

    Teensyduino searches for and selects libraries automatically. Here is the output from Teensyduino:

    Multiple libraries were found for "TimeLib.h"
     Used: /Users/ReiVilo/Documents/Projets/Arduino/libraries/Time
     Not used: /Applications/IDE/
     Not used: /Applications/IDE/
     Not used: /Applications/IDE/
     Not used: /Applications/IDE/
    embedXcode requires those libraries to be listed on the main Makefile using two variables:

    APP_LIBS_LIST = SPI interrupt Wire DS1307RTC
    APP_LIBS_LIST refers to libraries provided with Teensyduino, and USER_LIBS_LIST to the Library sub-folder of the sketchbook folder. This allow the user to fine tune which version of the library to use.

    The only solution I see so far would consist on
    • starting the project from scratch,
    • adding each component at a time,
    • for each new added component, performing a build-link, and
    • checking that upload and run go successfully.

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