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Thread: Identifying a bad USB cable?

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    Identifying a bad USB cable?


    I've been working on a project now for some time that involves multiple potentiometers and switches but I'm having some issues. To cut a long story short, I've tested the potentiometers and switches on a teensy 2.00++ board and everything works absolutely fine but when I carry out the EXACT same process for a teensy 3.5 (The board I need to be using) it doesn't seem to work.

    I'm using a MaxMSP patch that does a lot of the heavy lifting and reads all the values itself so the sketch I'm using is transferable and should work for both boards (Obviously alongside selecting the different board under Tools).

    I got some responses yesterday with some helpful information and I concluded that I'd do re-wire everything and see where the problem lies, only to find that even a single pot wouldn't respond properly.

    So I'm left to believe this might be a problem with the cable, I did make sure it was a data transfer cable and not only a charging cable however it was a very cheap one off of eBay. I'd like to know if this is likely before I buy another cable or if the problem lies somewhere else.

    When using the 2.0++ the values shown in the serial monitor are consistent and don't fluctuate, however as seen below this is constant for the 3.5...

    Any Help would be much appreciated!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    it's poor forum protocol to start a new thread with same problem as your earlier thread
    keep the discussion on your first thread.

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    Apologies, I'm new to these forums and felt this was separate subject matter

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