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Thread: Teensy 3.6 Stop working, think the voltage regulator is gone

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    Teensy 3.6 Stop working, think the voltage regulator is gone

    I tested out LEDs with Teensy 3.6 yesterday. Now it is not working. Voltage across 3.3V and GND gives 0.33. I think the voltage regulator is not gone. Any possibility to replace the voltage regulator?

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    If it really is the reg, the simple option is to find some other source of 3.3V and supply it to the 3.3V PCB pin (makes sure it's not even slightly more than 3.3V though or whole board is toast). You may have to remove the regulator first if it's output is damaged in some way. Would be odd, since normally the regulators get hot and drop the output rather than failing outright. Does anything get hot on the board as it now is? Other possbility is some form of failure that pulls the 3.3v regulator output down, which would need to be fixed before trying external power.

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    Applying 3.3V to a board with a bad IC could cause more damage. Think burned traces.

    With a meter, measure between 3.3V and GND. If you have a very low resistance then either the regulator or another IC is toast. The linear regulators normally don't go and when they do its usually catastrophic to everything else since you have to hit them with a lot of voltage. The 3.3V and GND having a short/low resistance your likely boned since the 2 most likely damaged devices would be either the MKL02 or the MK64.
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    Also sorry for asking the obvious, but did you measure the 3.3v to GND with everything else removed? i.e. that there was not some external wires still connected that may have shorts or the like?

    Also you did not mention how you are powering the T3.6, so did you also check the voltage from VIN to GND? If powered by USB, probably in the range of 5v...

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