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Thread: New Stepper Motor Library

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    New Stepper Motor Library

    Since I didn't find a stepper motor library meeting my needs I rolled my own and finally published it
    on gitHub You'll find a detailed description there.

    Here the key specification of the library

    Motor speed / pulse rate 1 - 300'000 stp/s
    Acceleration 0 - 500'000 stp/s^2
    Pull in speed (speed up to which no acceleration is required) 50-10'000 stp/s
    Synchronous movement of motors up to 10
    Asynchronous movement of motors 4 groups of 1 to 10 motors
    Settable step pulse polarity Active high or low
    Settable step pulse width 1-100Ás
    Settable direction signal polarity cw/ccw

    The library is compatible to T3.0 T3.1 T3.2, T3.5 and T3.6. As always, it's amazing what can be done
    with those boards. Handling 3 synchronously running motors at a pulse rate of 50kHz-including
    Bresenham and acceleration calculations- generates a load of only 6.5% for a T3.6 (@240MHz)
    and about 17% for a T3.2 (@96MHz). The generated load is linear in motor speed, i.e. half the step rate
    generates half the load.

    The picture below shows some additional performance information.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	load_calculation.PNG 
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    Hope the library is of use for somebody. As always: any feedback welcome
    Have fun

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    Just fixed a strange compatibility issue with GCC 5.4 / Teensyduino 1.36. (Thanks to Per Magnusson for that). TeensyStep should work now with all recent versions of Teensyduino.

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