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Thread: New Stepper Motor Library

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    New Stepper Motor Library

    by reading this thread I did not really understand what Devs have done.

    Have they just added the 15min internal cooldown for using RDF which is blizzlike or they have made some custom change ?

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    Hello dear Luni!
    I use StepControl to move to the desired position. But I need the ability to change speed on the fly. How can i do this?

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    I did not want to wait for the Teensy 4 port to be done properly, and did not want to read any datasheets, so I made a hacky port ( to Teensy 4 using ChibiOS timers (

    It might hang, crash and burn, and be very slow. I have only done some very basic testing.

    The pin manipulation of DIR/STEP pins did not work on Teensy 4, and the code did now allow for <Arduino.h> to be included, so you have to implement a little function somewhere:
    void doPin(int pin, int state) {
        digitalWriteFast(pin, state);
    A very hacky implementation indeed, but it works.

    I'll hook it up to my little 3-stepper robot and give it a better spin...

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