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Thread: New Stepper Motor Library

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    Apr 2014
    I just released version 2 of TeensyStep on GitHub

    New features:
    • Improved rotational mode
    • Possibility to override speed and acceleration of a group of motors on the fly (rotational mode only)
    • Access to the current speed of the controllers
    • Callback when a target is reached
    • Additional examples

    I also started a small documentation page which can be found here:

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    Hi Luni
    I wonder if you could give me some advice on my project?
    I have a carriage on a 6m long guide. The carriage is pulled by a 8Nm stepper power by a 48v supply. The stepper has a 1:2 reduction and the looped belt has a ratio of 1:0.6. The carriage will move about 400mm per revolution of the motor.
    The objective:
    I have to accelerate the carriage in the first 2m to 8m/s then maintain that for 2m and then decelerate for the last 2m. This is done both ways.

    I am having problems conceptualizing how to use the library to achieve this. If the acceleration could be specified for a distance or a duration, then it could be done.
    Any suggestions will help please.

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