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Thread: teensy 3.5 fails to be recognized as usb device

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    teensy 3.5 fails to be recognized as usb device

    RESOLVED (tx)

    MacBook Pro, OSX 10.11.6, Arduino IDE 1.8.2, teensyduino 1.3.6 (installed today);


    New to this product/forum, just received my 3.5 today and uploaded as well as the standalone

    IDE does not offer it in the port menu. Direct load using the standalone app also fails. Turns out my OS does not even mount the device as a /dev/tty.xx

    I verified the cable and see normal operation/comm with other boards (Uno, Nano, Metro, Mega, etc.; equipped w/ FTDI, 16U2 and CH340 type USB chips).

    Behavior is the same at both laptop ports (both are USB3 I believe).

    Have I missed something fundamental? Is there a nonstandard USB driver required for MacOS?

    Thanks very much for any help,

    Mike (Zike)
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    Quote Originally Posted by zike View Post
    Have I missed something fundamental?
    Teensy uses HID protocol by default.

    Program it once from Arduino with Tools > USB Type set to Serial (the default) for it become a serial device.

    Remember, when in programming mode it's always HID, so looking for a /dev/tty or /dev/cu device is not a valid way to troubleshoot Teensy. Details here:

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    Also, if you're using El Capitan, please be aware many people have reported driver issues. Apple seems to have fixed them all in Sierra.

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    Thanks Paul!

    It remains unclear why the board was initially invisible to IDA and (irrespective of serial). Only explanation I can think of is an intermittent cable, or perhaps
    more spooky El Capitan nonsense.*

    Resetting Tools > USB Type > Raw HID made board info available, allowing upload of test code; then selecting USB Type > Serial has left it behaving as any typical *uino. Several disconnects/
    restarts/reloads later, it seems to be solid. Wish I could say more but I'll take it.



    * I came to testing your board(s) because Arduino 101/Curie could not/would not talk to this OS (cannot upgrade to Sierra; work computer, long story). Long struggle w/ Curie core developers
    on forum (same user name); eventually forced to give up. I'm relieved this issue was not similarly intractable.

    {Also BTY it already appears the 3.5 will in fact solve my problem, factor of >5 improved benchmark time for my application w.r.t. AVR boards... very pleased!}

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