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Thread: Sensing with Teensy 3.2

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    Sensing with Teensy 3.2

    hey guys.

    I am trying to read a voltage from a pH meter. The voltage that I am trying to read its from 2mV to 63mV. It is possible that the analog input from Teensy 3.2 read that voltage?

    I'm taking measurements from the positive and negative input that move the pointer in the pH meter.
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    Never tried this, but I think that the AGND and AREF might help you with this.

    Edit: On second thought, I don't think AGND is related to the ADC, so please ignore this reply.

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    So, you’re trying to directly read the output of the pH sensor with the Teensy? I’m pretty sure pH sensors have a very high impedance and a low output level. This means you’re going to need a very carefully designed pre-amp to do anything useful with them. Or, does the pH probe already contain the pre-amp?
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    Indeed if it's a raw sensor, the impedance will be much too high when the pH is close to 7. You will need an amplifier.

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