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Thread: Accelerometer Issue

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    Accelerometer Issue

    Code needed for a razor imu accelerator. Connects and uploads fine, but does not collect data. Really need some help!
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    You are missing a lot of information for anybody to help:
    What micro board (guessing Teensy but you don't say what version)
    A description or better photo of your connections to the IMU
    Link to the library
    Link to the unit you actually have (sparkfun or another version of that chip?)
    Anything you did to get a library designed for Arduino Zero, SparkFun SAMD21 Breakouts (from program notes) to compile on a teensy
    With your 'connects and uploads fine' are you referring to your Arduino, or the IMU?
    Anything you have done to confirm your micro board is still working can you run blink and does it produce the serial error messages?)

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    Indeed, so much unknown here. You mentioned the Razor IMU product, but then posted code which looks like it's meant to run on the processor on the Razor board. Of course even which product you have is a bit of guesswork. See how I put that link into this message? Links or exact part numbers are good...

    Assuming you're using I2C, perhaps try File > Examples > Wire > Scanner. It can at least check if the I2C chip is responding. Make sure Teensy is selected in Tools > Boards, because Arduino's Wire lib doesn't have this example. Don't forget to use real pullup resistors for the I2C signals. On normal Arduino the resistors are optional (I2C works with very slow rise times if you omit them) but they are required when using Teensy. I2C on Teensy 3.x doesn't work at all if you omit the pullup resistors.

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