So I'm prepared to chalk this one up to me experimenting with dangerous magic. But, I was under the impression this couldn't happen. I am experimenting with the Mecrisp Stellaris Forth compiler on several platforms. I noted from their documentation that it should work with a Teensy 3. So I compiled the HEX file, plugged in my teensy, opened the HEX file in the app, and pressed the button on the Teensy.

It didn't seem to work. Then I turned it over and realized it's a Teensy LC, not a 3 (sorry, my fault, should have been more observant). It's a different uC, and the Mecrisp project is specifically building for the MK20DX256. Oh well, figured I'd just put back a "blink" firmware and move on to some other board for playing with mecrisp.

But now I can't write anything to it. I've tried it on my Linux box and my Mac -- whether I press the program button before plugging it in, or press it when the teensy loader pops up, it doesn't seem to matter.

Is it possible to program a HEX file with the Teensy loader that will brick the board? I've seen a couple threads on here about bricking it by going around the bootloader firmware, but now I'm concerned I found a way to kill it.

Is there any way to recover my Teensy LC?