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Thread: My first O/S hardware board: Teensy LC -> RFM95W Utility Board

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    My first O/S hardware board: Teensy LC -> RFM95W Utility Board

    Hey everyone! This is my first stab at creating an open-source hardware...thingie. I'm working on a project that uses dozens of custom-built boards; I've done everything in Eagle so far, but this is the first thing I've tried to build and order completely from EasyEDA.
    Deeply, wildly, and completely frustrated with how fast the Feather M0/RFM95 LoRa boards are selling out from Adafruit, I've decided to just engineer around the problem. Also...I need MORE A/D ports...with synchronous sampling...and true hardware serial...and all the other wonderful things that come with Teensy!'s the stuff. Understand that I am ***NOT*** God's gift to layout art, and I'm waaaay used to Eagle. But I tried to hook up the Hope RFM95W module correctly to the Teensy LC.
    With judicious purchasing from AliExpress, one can find Hope RFM95W modules for USD$7.00; the circuit boards are cheap-o; the Teensy LC is, of course, the crown jewel, at USD$11.00, and you can even find power modules on AliExpress that (mostly) replicate the same functionality as that on the Feather M0.
    This is a single afternoon's design work (and it shows); the row headers aren't spaced to fit anything in particular; the power header at the end (under the USB connector) would have On-Shore Technology's screw headers soldered to it. Female headers I didn't need I wouldn't add; the RF module would SMT-rework down nicely, and the EdgeLaunch connector makes things easy in the RF department.
    Once I get these boards back (8 days, or so I'm told), I'll hook one up, and we'll see how things go. I'm anticipating I'll have to remap some pins in the library; I'll post a working example of the code that makes it run once I get it running.
    If anyone sees anything weird, please let me know and I'll fix it (I have no idea how on earth to share my EasyEDA project)...OR...if there are any changes you'd like to see, please let me know and I'll be happy to incorporate them (within reason)... XD
    Happy Maker Faire everyone! Hope to see you there!
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